A Global Leader in Multi-Platform Retail Solutions

The Evolution of In-Store Merchandising

From the very beginning, CEO Ben Weshler founded the company on the premise of solving problems for his retail partners. He appreciated their specific challenges and worked diligently to create solutions based on the brand, the customer and the current retail environment.

Fast forward 40+ years and OVATION is still at the forefront of retail merchandising solutions. Through the strategic vision of Marc Weshler, Senior Vice President, OVATION continues to stay a step ahead of the trends.  Ongoing consumer research, extensive on-the-ground knowledge of retail locations around the world, and a passion for technology have fueled this innovation think tank and set a new standard in retail merchandising.

First-to-Market Solutions

Traditional retail displays still have a time and place, but retail merchandising has morphed into a true sensory experience that goes beyond the counter display and OVATION has invested considerably in the future. For over 20 years, Ovation has been immersed in the digital space and strategically incorporates digital technology and break-through innovations into every design and project allowing brands to engage consumers like never before.

We have partnered with the world’s leading brands to showcase their products and tell their story in a new and impactful way that breaks through the clutter—while integrating seamlessly into retail locations all over the globe.  

Superior Craftsmanship

An expert team of designers, engineers, craftsmen and technology specialists converge to serve up unique options and ideas that always take consumer trends and behavior into account. From the initial meeting to the final install, it is the collaborative spirit and proactive approach that sets OVATION apart from the competition. We study consumer behavior and know every inch of the retail space in order to effectively guide the project and see it through to the final detail.

We continue to break new ground every day and develop proprietary systems within our 80,000 sq. ft., solar-powered, manufacturing facility where all of our core competencies come together to deliver the future of retail marketing.


Global Coverage

Through our joint venture with GESA, called GO, OVATION is able to implement global projects with on the ground operations in Europe, US and China. Our programs are now in 70+ countries worldwide with centralized project management in the time zone and location that works best for the client. Our core markets are New York, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Birmingham and Paris.